Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Ibiza Rocks Devotees

Just to let you all know that you now have two ways to purchase our iconic Ibiza Rocks belts; you can email me at sarah@ibizarocks.com and pay directly by credit card through the shop at the Ibiza Rocks Hotel, or if you prefer, you can visit our Ebay shop; just type in 'Ibiza Rocks Belts' and look for us - Ibiza Rocks Shop - the only official and legitimate seller of Ibiza Rocks belts.
Well, life on Ibiza is beautiful and still right now, but while many of you are back in your home countries, life in Ibiza continues - albeit in a rather more tranquil way than the heady, hedonistic days of summer. I'm busy working with Dawn - Creative Director of Ibiza Rocks - towards producing a really exciting collection for Summer 2009. We've got some great plans in place to expand the range and produce some items based on everything we've learnt about you - our crazy, Ibiza Rocks devotees - this summer. We've learnt that you are a colourful bunch, so we're keeping it bright and noticeable! We also noticed you are a very 'fashion-forward' group of characters, so we're introducing more fashion-led items that will take you from the beach to the bar to the gig then to the club! We're drawing influences from all the biggest and best 'Rock Gods' as well as style influences from the newer, more cutting edge musicians. Have you all noticed the appearence on all the fashion pages of Ladyhawke? We're loving her style, and for us, she epitomises the essence of Ibiza Rocks fashion. We've got a fab cosmetic company on board for next summer - will let you know who it is when the deal is sealed - as well as an amazing 'Glitter Tattoo' artist who will be at all the gigs next year. So if you're not quite ready for a permanant body etching from the Inkadelic Tattoo studio then maybe a glitter tattoo that lasts a week is the way to dip your toe in....
Also, a work in progress is the Ibiza Rocks Detox. We're setting up an In-House pharmacy for you to visit when the effects of 24 hour partying becomes too much. So don't worry - we're always looking out for you!
Come back soon....

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Monday, November 3, 2008


Due to popular demand, we have set up a mail order service for our Ibiza Rocks studded leather belts, and can post them to you directly from our shop here at the Ibiza Rocks Hotel.
Contact me, the Merchandising Manager at sarah@ibizarocks.com and we can process your order and send it out the same day.
Remember, we are the only company allowed to sell Ibiza Rocks belts - because we own the brand!!!!
And we hope you'll keep coming back as we add more items from the Ibiza Rocks Shop, as well as island news, and up to date progress on how we're developing the clothing brand to give you even more choice.

The New Ibiza Rocks Shop Blog

Welcome to the new Ibiza Rocks Shop Blog....
While we are in the process of setting up our brand new, island based Web Shop we've decided to keep in touch via a blog.
As the season is over and the island has gone stunningly quiet, we couldn't help but notice how many people are still trying to buy items from the Ibiza Rocks clothing and accessory range that are currently unavailable on the UK webshop. We'll be adding loads of options to buy from our current and forthcoming collections over the next few weeks, but meanwhile you can contact us directly via email at sarah@ibizarocks.com to buy anything you saw in the Ibiza Rocks Hotel Shop this summer.